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Skin at an all-time DRY? These wholesome formulations will turn your skin-world upside down.

It was another lazy weekend; Netflix was on TV, the bag of popcorn was slowly spinning on the microwave, the fresh smell of washed cloth wafted from the balcony. And I, with a towel wrapped around my hair, was scrolling through the net while lying on the sofa as other average adults would do. Till I found a quiz about skin type, it was just a bunch of questions about how you would consider your skin, and in the end, it would recommend you some remedies. When I finished that, I saw another eye-catching quiz, and then after that, there was another one (in DJ Khalid's voice). At 1:30 a.m., I concluded that all of these quizzes mistakenly considered that the dry and dehydrated skin are the same? Do you believe it? Yes, you do? Wait for What? Are you kidding me? Do you think that they are the same as well? I guess I have to snatch your wig off by telling you the real tea.  Based on the article that I read on Dermalogica and a chat that I had with one of my doctor friends who is speciali

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